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SVSV: A Form of War


My favorite fashion-fuck-you brand, SVSV, is making a slice of their uber-exclusive, hyper priced items accessible in a new store that just launched 10 minutes ago. There's a selection of t-shirts, hoodies, hats and scarves in addition to these favorite porcelain bullet replicas.

Originally intended as a fund raiser to combat gun violence, proceeds from sales of the bullet pendants will be used to make sure we all continue to support Hurricane Katrina relief. Ranging in price from $300 – $800, the replicas are available in black or white porcelain, some with gold or platinum tips. There are .357 Magnums, .38 Specials, .44 Magnums, .45 Automatics, 9mms, AK-47s and M16s—only 100 made in total. Each one comes with a 27" black chain and a vicuna or cashmere pouch.

SVSV is part of the KDU who also publish The Royal Magazine—the 7th issue is out and it's not to be missed.


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