SVSV Aformofwar


Aformofwar is the second line from bespoke luxury street-wear brand, Serum Versus Venom (SVSV). The collection, an exploration into fragility, protection, form and conflict features carbon fiber twills, knits and fleece– all fireproof. Bamboo fiber, camel hair and monocashmere are also used to create the mostly outerwear line designed by Jenna Rivers. “The first collection focused on lush natural fibers and the occasional exaggeration of traditional street wear silhouettes. This collections is an about-face adhering purely to function and reductionism,” said David Gensler, Creative Director. Gensler also makes it clear that the name of the new line, aformofwar, defines the position SVSV takes against other street wear and luxury brands.

Check out their look book, it's a gorgeous combination of the photography of Kareem Black and Arabic calligraphy details by MDOT. Pay close attention to the bullets worn by some of the models, they're made of porcelain by artist Sarah Cihat and will be available on the SVSV site in time for the holidays.