Swims City Slipper: High Heel Galoshes


Swims, the Norwegian line of sleek galoshes, has already saved many a pair of shoes from inclement weather with their designs geared for urbanites. Now, with the introduction of the City Slipper, heels can benefit from the same cleverly-conceived protection.

The new wrapper adds traction (in the form of a map of either New York, Paris or Tokyo) and shields delicate leather soles and other materials from splashes, sludge and any number of other hazards. We can even see these coming in handy for saving fine footwear from the normal perils of travel so that they're sure to be pristine upon arrival.


Like their flat counterparts, the Slippers are made from flexible silicone making them easy to put on and take off, as well as adaptable to nearly any heel height and thickness. A low-cut style accommodates bows and buckles. The obvious downside is that the design does leave the heel itself exposed so avoiding subway grates is still your job.

Look out for City Slippers on the Swims site soon.