Swims Galoshes

swimsorange.JPG swimsyell.JPG

When the forecast calls for scattered showers and you’re sick of clunky Wellies, allow Swims, a line of nouveau galoshes, to step in. An homage to a pair of black galoshes passed on to the Norwegian founder, after living in style-conscious Manhattan. Reinventing the clunky footwear, he developed a sleeker overshoe inspired by the shape of a classic tuxedo show and suitable for urban living. (Men’s pictured left, women’s at right.)

In addition to the narrower profile, Swims also boasts an inner lining that reduces friction (making them easy to put on and take off), provides slight insulation and polishes your shoes while you wear them! The strength and flexibility of their custom rubber blend also has a couple benefits, standing up to the tests of time and temperature and easily adapting to the shape of nearly any shoe. What’s more, treads on the bottom (the women’s feature a cute branching leaf pattern) prevent slippage, they’re available in a variety of colors and each pair comes with a travel bag. The designers behind Swims seems to have really thought of everything; overall they’re a well-designed, well-constructed solution for the soggiest of drizzly or post-blizzard days.

swimsmob.JPG swimsmobbrn.JPG

If you find yourself braving snowstorms and downpours, Swims has a more substantial option as well in the form of their Mobster, an ankle-height galosh. More or less the same shoe as the original, the Mobster adds a dapper gaiter to keep your whole shoe dry.

Swims are available through their online store starting at €60 for the classic version and €80 for the Mobster.