Chie Mihara Shoes Fall 2009

by Tisha Leung


With fine architectural structure supporting a flirty feminine exterior, Elda, Spain-basedChie Mihara's latest collection continues to define a brand that draws on a range of influences—from urban snow boots to Ferragamo.


Inspired by a sketch in a Spanish catalog from the late 40s, "Kaira" (top left) is an "ultra femme meets rock and roll" shoe with detachable fur trim. "Keiti" (top right) balances a rugged look with a polite heel perfect for city-dwellers looking for Snow Mountain chic. Ferragamo, one of Mihara’s most admired designers, was on her mind when she designed "Kalu" with its versatile retro look.


Mihara, of Japanese ancestry but born and raised in Brazil, is most noted for her comfortable high heel shoes thanks to an anatomic footbed construction she designed. The shoes have to be sexy but they can’t hurt, she says. It's a man's industry so the key is to take aspects of men's shoes and incorporate them into women's shoes. Her fans agree.

Get to know Chie Mahari, the global designer and mom of three on YouTube. Her new designs are available on her website and Coclico.