Weird Science


In the 1985 movie "Weird Science," a pair of happy misfits use tip-top technology and nerdy know-how to create something truly beautiful in the form of "real life" woman and sexed up diva Kellie Le Brock. The Australian fashion label Romance Was Born have created something equally beguiling with their Spring/Summer 07/08 collection, also called Weird Science. Sending coke-bottle spectacles, high-waisted acid wash and even a DNA inspired headdress down the runway at Rosemount Fashion Week, a real highlight of the collection is the label's collaboration with hot Sydney artist Del Kathryn Barton. Del Kathryn Barton, who has previously collaborated on the label's Regional Australia collection, will once again provide a unique fabric print that will be reproduced across a range of garments. Romance's own misfit duo, Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales, know nerds get their revenge in the end.