Ode Brew Grinder

An elegant and timeless looking at-home coffee essential, Fellow’s powerful Ode Brew Grinder specializes in transforming beans into grinds for brewed coffee—pour-overs, drip, French press and more. The professional-grade appliance uses stainless steel flat burrs with 31 different grind settings for absolute customization. And delight is in the details, like the catch that magnetically aligns so grounds never make a mess.

Montecarlos Snapchilled Coffee

Founded by engineer David Dussault, Elemental Beverage Company uses proprietary technology to “snapchill” hot coffee in seconds. This process maintains lighter, fruiter, and acidic notes without dilution or drawn-out freezing and thawing processes. These innovations benefit the brand’s canned collaborations, special blends made with a roaster. Elemental worked with George Howell, a Boston-based coffee company, to produce a snapchilled can of coffee from the Montecarlos …

Understanding Jot’s Concentrated “Ultra Coffee”

A scoop-sized serving of 20x strength coffee yields endless options and far less waste

Unlike cold brew, which is generally made at double- or triple-strength from soaking coarse coffee grounds in cold water for upwards of 24 hours, Jot‘s newly launched concentrate—which they refer to as “Ultra Coffee“—is brewed quickly and bottled at 20 times the strength. It can be turned into a delectable iced drink or a fine cup of hot coffee simply by following the preparation instructions: …