Coffee Products for Conscious Consumers

Your habit can be kinder to the environment and farmers alike

There’s no doubt that everybody on the CH team is an avid (if not a little obsessive) coffee enthusiast, but the result of being of a coffee fan is—oftentimes—excessive waste: cups, filters, lids, sugar packets, straws, plastic pods, you name it. Becoming a more conscious coffee consumer involves more than just buying better (fair trade, shade-grown, etc) coffee—though that is a necessary prerequisite. To reduce our …

Wooden Coffee Scoop

Certainly better than plastic, and with a more nostalgic warmth than metal, this wooden coffee scoop is available in walnut or maple. It can be personalized on the underside of the bowl or on the handle, to elevate a morning coffee routine. Holding a tablespoon of coffee, each scoop also comes with a hot pink leather strap to hang it up.

Smash Cup

A collapsable and environmentally friendly to-go vessel for your coffee

by Chérmelle Edwards Ben Melinger was at a coffee shop when he came up with Smash Cup—an idea to hopefully lessen his (and others’) coffee cup footprint. Combining functionality with eco-friendliness, Melinger takes to Kickstarter today with his simple but effective project: a reusable, collapsible coffee cup. Aiming to be the solution to a common problem, Smash Cup (if funded) will be the first universal …