notNeutral GINO Glass Dripper

Made in collaboration with world-class baristas, this vessel helps you make the perfect cup of coffee at home


Known for their mugs and cups designed to provide optimal fluid dynamics (aka the best possible set-up for pouring and drinking coffee), the newest creation from notNeutral—a division of Rios Clementi Hale Studios—adds a brewer to their collection of coffee products. Made from hand-blown, lightweight, laboratory-grade borosilicate glass, the GINO Glass Dripper aims to achieve a seamless fusion of form and function. Thought the GINO appears delicate, its heat resistant hand-blown glass easily sits atop the LINO mug to create a sleek and straightforward pour-over brewing system.


notNeutral’s Creative Director, Chiaki Kanda, describes the thought process behind the shape: “We felt that a handled dripper placed on top of a handled mug was cumbersome, especially since the top of the LINO mug handle provides a natural resting place for the thumb. Using double-walled glass construction kept the heat insulated, eliminating the need for a handle, and enabled us to highlight the coffee extraction process. The minimal profile is elegantly tapered to sit atop the LINO mug like a crown, and also comfortably fit any grip.” A food-grade silicone gasket at the bottom creates a germ-resistant surface between the dripper and the mug—certainly a bonus.

GinoDripper-03a.jpg GinoDripper-03b.jpg

Recently, Hannah Block (who previously worked at Cognoscenti Coffee in Los Angeles) became a full-time member of the notNeutral team, focusing on their coffee product offerings. “Flat-bottom brewers are generally the most consistent and foolproof design for manual coffee brewing,” Block says. “I’ve worked as a professional barista and I’ve battled with cone-shaped brewers for years—I find the GINO dripper effortless to use in comparison. As long as you begin with the basic components of fresh coffee—filtered water and a decent burr grinder—it’s hard to go wrong. We tested several versions of this dripper with local baristas throughout the design process, as well as with last year’s Turkish Brewers Cup champion, Asli Yaman.” Evidently, it’s a pretty professional way for amateurs to make a great cup of coffee.

The scratch-resistant, dishwasher-safe glass works with the Kalita filter #185 and the Tiamo filter #02. The Gino Glass Dripper is now available at notNeutral for $24.

Images courtesy of notNeutral