Thermos Brand’s Overnight Coffee Challenge

The heritage brand puts its 24-hour claim to the ultimate test

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When Sir James Dewar invented the vacuum flask in 1892, he knew that he’d created a tool that would change storage forever. What he didn’t know is that his creation, the Thermos, would be a household name over a century later. Derived from the Greek word for heat, Dewar’s invention was hailed for its ability to keep liquids either hot or cold for up to 24 hours. And the Thermos would go on to make its way around the world with such intrepid explorers as Lieutenant E.H. Shackleton and Robert E. Peary before ever making its way into a lunchbox.


Dewar’s original “flask” has evolved over the years as new materials entered the design vocabulary, resulting in models like the iconic stainless steel bottle from 1966 and the glass Coffee Butler that became a kitchen staple in 1985.

Through all the technological advancements, the brand continues to pay tribute to its heritage by incorporating design elements from their past. The classic, signature red plaid that appeared on the original 1906 edition now appears on their latest and greatest iteration.

In the spirit of its adventurous roots, the brand is celebrating its fail-safe design by inviting coffee enthusiasts to put the classic canister to the ultimate test: sending a freshly brewed coffee from San Francisco’s Ritual Coffee Roasters to arrive piping hot the next day on a doorstep anywhere in the lower 48 states. Aptly named the Overnight Coffee Challenge, the brand’s partnership with Ritual Coffee Roasters is only the beginning; there are plans to expand the project to include the best baristas from around the country through a nomination process via their social media feeds.

Coffee snobs, enthusiasts and roasters alike are all invited to nominate their favorites by sharing feedback on the Thermos Facebook page or by tweeting @Thermos and tagging #OvernightCoffee.

Images courtesy of Thermos