A new app to ensure the perfect coffee, no matter the brewing method

by Emily Bihl


With the rise in coffee culture ever increasing and popularizing many intriguing brewing methods—from Chemex to Aeropress to the Kone Brewing System—our morning routines often consist of much more than pressing a button. To help keep it all straight, there’s Brewseful; a new app that takes the guesswork out of brewing the perfect cup. At its most basic level, Brewseful is an iPhone timer, but a few clever, intuitive features make it a far superior choice to the built-in stopwatch mode.

Brewesful-02a.jpg Brewesful-02b.jpg

A necessity for coffee snobs and novices alike, Brewseful lets you specify your preferred coffee-to-water ratio, cup size and even coarseness of the grind and save these as presets. This allows you to have a go-to for Chemex brewing that’s different from your setting for pour-over—each of which can be further fine-tuned to take the particulars of various roasts and blends into account. From here, handy “event” sliders indicate when the pouring begins and ends, when to stir and finally, when it’s ready to enjoy, promising a perfectly customized cup every time.

Brewseful is available free for download from iTunes.

Screengrabs courtesy of Brewseful