Ivory Coast Artist O’Plérou Grebet’s Africa-Centric Emojis

21-year-old Ivory Coast-based O’Plérou Grebet noticed a lack of applicable emojis for many Africans to use in everyday instant messaging and did something about it. Grebet’s emoji library Zouzoukwa (meaning “picture” in his first language Bété) includes 200+ images from food to furniture, facial reactions, tools, and more. “I love it because it’s exactly why my project is useful to an African, it fills a …

Brightest App Makes Volunteering Easier

Filter causes and locations and find organizations to help out

“I really just wanted to put something into the world that stands for the right thing and shows tech still has heart”

Depth Photography Apps and the New iPhones

Both the 8+ and the X capture detailed and editable depth data when shooting photos in portrait mode

Apple introduced Portrait Mode awhile back utilizing the dual lenses on their plus model phones to map depth in an image and blur out the background, creating the effect of a fast lens with the aperture wide open. With both the iPhone 8+ and the iPhone X on iOS 11 the depth data from portrait mode images is available to developers. Within Apple’s own Photos …