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Flighty Friends Solves Sharing for Global Nomads

With this latest app update the favorite flight tracking tool helps friends, families and colleagues stay informed

Courtesy of Flighty

For frequent travelers it’s often an extended project to keep family, friends and colleagues informed about our flights. And within a community of global nomads we often intersect with friends and colleagues in different parts of the world, whether planned or serendipitous. Flighty has been our favorite flight tracking app for years and with today’s release of their 3.0 version they’re tackling the challenge of flight sharing and tracking among our chosen groups with the Flighty Friends feature.

No other service has ever successfully built “friends for flying.” They all try to make it social and public. But that’s not what users want. They want to share with just a few friends and family, all privately, without signing up for a new service.

Ryan Jones, Flighty Founder

Flighty Friends allows users to share their flight details once with their friends or family, and automatically provides ongoing updates. Now, loved ones can easily track your travel status without asking for flight details or waiting for updates about delays or cancellations. Individual flight sharing has been a feature of Flighty for awhile but with this new release you only need to add someone to your Flighty once and they’ll always be up to date on your current and future travels.

Courtesy of Flighty

Flighty 3.0 shows everyone you’re connected to on its “Today” screen and adds a personal touch to travel notifications by replacing flight numbers with the traveler’s name in notifications, making them more user-friendly. Flighty 3.0 is not a social network, however. Its focus is on controlled information and strict privacy, providing users with a platform to share their travel details only with those they want including the flexibility to control the sharing of their flight info with a simple toggle button.

Since 2019 Flighty has been our favorite travel tool given its utility, simplicity and thoughtful design and with the launch of 3.0 the app continues to add to its worth. Download Flighty from the App store here.

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