Luce App Tracks the Fine Details of Film Photography

Digital images today are captured with an EXIF meta data layer that stores pertinent facts about the shot so that photographers can study, report and refine their technique. Analog photography (somewhat by definition) remains largely under-serviced by this kind of high-tech service. Luce, an upstart iOS app—from developers Don Chia and his partner, Diego—offers a centralized space for analog photographers to log image data while they’re shooting film. Shutter speed, film type, ISO, camera model, aperture, location, timestamp and more can be quickly and easily recorded after a photo is taken and later paired in EXIF format with the digitized file. Rather than rely on a notebook or some sort of text-editing app, users could turn to Luce for a more streamlined process—once the app hits the iOS market. Read more about the forthcoming launch at The Phoblographer.