Calexo’s Refreshing and Relaxing Cannabis-Infused Citrus Drinks

Nano-emulsified THC complements a base of fresh citrus and hand-picked botanicals

Unlike many edibles and drinkables that dominate the current cannabis market, Calexo‘s pair of refreshing infused beverages—Citrus Rose and Cucumber Citron—hit precisely and progressively, imparting a more mellow, more exact high. Inside each 22oz bottle, 10mg of THC (and no CBD) blends into an effervescent base of citrus and botanicals. The cannabis infusion—produced by Vertosa specifically for Calexo—calmly onsets and offsets (15 minutes and an …

MONK Provisions’ Handcrafted Drinking Botanicals

Tasty cannabis-infused beverages that offer a variety of effects and dosages

Made with wellness in mind, MONK Drinking Botanicals are THC- and CBD-infused elixirs that are handcrafted using only the best sustainably-sourced herbs, terpenes and freshly pressed juices. Available in a variety of dosage options and cannabinoid combination, the shrubs and juices are made with organic ingredients and aim to help ease pain, inflammation, anxiety and even convulsions. As promised, the CBD-only infused beverages don’t create …

Juice Bruce Lemon Squeezer

If squeezing lemon and lime juice for summer cocktails doesn’t make you grin, try using Juice Bruce: a wooden hand-juicer complete with a slightly bemused face. A super-simple and functional design, this little guy is also easy to use—whether you’re making fresh juice for breakfast or crafting boozy concoctions for an afternoon by the pool.