Calexo’s Refreshing and Relaxing Cannabis-Infused Citrus Drinks

Nano-emulsified THC complements a base of fresh citrus and hand-picked botanicals

Unlike many edibles and drinkables that dominate the current cannabis market, Calexo‘s pair of refreshing infused beverages—Citrus Rose and Cucumber Citron—hit precisely and progressively, imparting a more mellow, more exact high. Inside each 22oz bottle, 10mg of THC (and no CBD) blends into an effervescent base of citrus and botanicals. The cannabis infusion—produced by Vertosa specifically for Calexo—calmly onsets and offsets (15 minutes and an hour, respectively) courtesy of the nano-emulsification process it undergoes before being combined with the bubbly juice base.

“The first thing people will notice about Calexo is the unique flavor profile, and that’s because it’s not modeled after a pre-existing drink,” co-founder and CEO, Brandon Andrew, says. “We use all-natural juices and botanicals that complement rather than mask the nano-emulsified cannabis, resulting in an elegant, social drink.”

The cannabis oil used is not strain-specific. As such, drinking Calexo results in a distinctly different high than from smoking or vaporizing. It’s a smoother experience and, because of the recommendation to slowly savor the drink, a longer one.

The nano-emulsified cannabis oil powers Calexo’s juice-forward drinks. Vertosa, the technology company behind the particular elixir, uses proprietary processes to help “propel best-in-class infused products from innovative brands,” Ben Larson, Vertosa’s CEO, says. Put more literally, Larson’s team employs a high-powered ultrasonic system that gyrates the cannabis oil into nano-sized particles. Unlike most cannabis-infused drinks, which similarly rely on oil infusions, Calexo’s feature an evenly distributed oil—one that mixes with water and juice and won’t separate or leave behind an unsavory, oily mouthfeel.

In fact, the gentle effervescence from carbonation carries natural citrus flavors, and there’s also a little bite from botanicals and a subtle herbaciousness from the water-compatible cannabis solution comprising of water, cannabis, and coconut oil. All of the drink’s subtle sweetness comes from its ingredients rather than additives.

Intended for sharing (and for those over 21), Calexo’s 22oz cannabis drinks are available in the aforementioned flavors for $20 each at select California cannabis dispensaries. For availability, refer to Calexo’s product locator page.

Images by Evan Malachosky