Daily supplements and whole-food powder green juice for healthier living at home and on the road

Aloha-Green-Juice-2.jpg Aloha-Green-Juice-1.jpg

With lofty goals set firmly in their sights, nutrition supplement maker and healthy living advocate ALOHA launches today, 19 November with two products for daily consumption: a whole-food powder green drink and pill-based pack. Founded by serial entrepreneur Constantin Bisanz, ALOHA aims to provide high quality products that make consuming berries, vegetables and vitamins more manageable. We recently had the chance to try The Daily Good in both its pure powder form with coconut water and incorporated into smoothies and salad dressings—all with very tasty, positive results. The 14 ingredient powder is made with organic whole-foods—everything from spinach and spirulina to blueberries, raspberries and various types of mushrooms—to ensure you get all the goodness from each ingredient.

Much like Purity Coconut Water, using Aloha as a resource while traveling is smart and easy, and offers a way to keep a balanced diet in the face of airport food courts and questionable in-flight meal options. Available today directly from ALOHA online, The Daily Good sells in packages of 30 powder packets for $75, while The Foundation 30 day supply sells for $95. In both cases, the supplements offer what Aloha claims is equal to the nutrients found in most green juices—at a considerably more affordable price.

Images by Graham Hiemstra