A healthy, refreshing drink packed with benefits made from pure cold-pressed watermelon


In the depths of winter, any hint of warm weather to come is a welcomed one—even if it comes in a 12 oz bottle. Recently launched WTRMLN WTR is exactly what its name (with a few vowels added) implies: Pure and simple cold-pressed, GMO-free watermelon with no added water, sugar or preservatives added—save for a drop of lemon juice. Never heated, the juice maintains all of the enzymes and nutrients found in whole fruit.

The remarkably fresh taste of summer is only the beginning of the beverage’s benefits. With about as much sugar per serving as coconut water and half as much as orange juice, WTRMLN WTR is a guilt-free pleasure that is high in vitamin A and C and contains nearly as much potassium in one bottle as two bananas. Additionally, watermelon contains antioxidants and is a natural source of citrulline; an amino acid said to improve muscle recovery, lower blood pressure and increase energy levels.

According to the NYC-based company, “The bigger mission of the brand is to educate people about how food is grown, manufactured and processed in an effort to shift how people make healthy lifestyle choices through access to information and clean nutrient-dense food and beverages.” A statement hard to argue with.

Currently available at Whole Foods in Brooklyn for $6, expect to see WTRMLN WTR at finer retailers in the coming months.

Photos by Hans Aschim