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Drawing Logos From Memory

In a recent study, 150+ Americans were asked to draw 10 iconic logos from memory as a test to see just how effective branding can be. The 10 logos chosen included Apple, …

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Mozilla’s New Logo

Using the symbols :// instead of the “ill” in Mozilla, Johnson Banks’ new logo for the company is causing a bit of a stir. While the symbols come from a full URL …

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The World’s Best Logo

While there are many brands whose logos are burned into our minds—for better or worse—none of them were easy to create: “crafting such a deceptively simple symbol is a massive undertaking, so …

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The Met Explains its New Visual Identity

The Metropolitan Museum of Art recently unveiled a new visual identity that, besides a new logo, presents a revamped color palette and typographic language. The new logo—which simply bears the museum’s longtime …

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Medium’s New Visual Identity

Along with a bevy of new technical features including news apps, mentions and custom domains, publishing platform Medium has rebranded itself with a playful new logo. They’ve stuck with the “M” that …