Catinca Tabacaru Gallery + Milk and Night’s “TRANS-Ville” Exhibition

Performances, sometimes NSFW, inviting and exploring transitional states of being

by Ida Therén If you happened to pass by Broome Street last Wednesday and saw a naked woman wag a fur tail in a gallery window then you were in “TRANS-Ville.” The three-part performance series opened to a packed, steaming audience, during an unseasonably warm Manhattan night. “TRANS-Ville” is an art project inspired by vaudeville with short performances, all of which discuss the current state …

Little Scream: Silent Moon

Existing within the crossing of eerie and sultry, the track “Silent Moon” by Little Scream now has a visual companion. The video, starring drag performer Neon Burgundy, emphasizes the ethereal with pool-side lip-syncing sequences. Off of the Montreal-based artist’s 2016 album Cult Following, the song exists almost in a dream and the Kaveh Nabatian-directed portrayal adds to the colorful haze.

Taylor Mac’s “A 24-Decade History of Popular Music” Performance

The New York Times’ Wesley Morris had the uncommon, extraordinary experience of, as he explains, sitting in on “246 songs spanning 240 years for 24 straight hours,” performed by artist Taylor Mac during his “A 24-Decade History of Popular Music” extravaganza. Morris’ takeaway was one of wonder and appreciation, especially regarding Mac’s moral grasp and the way he addressed “racism, chauvinism, homophobia, misogyny and white …