I Wanna Be With You Everywhere Festival

Three days of art and performance at the intersection of cross-disability and empowerment

As the first day of I Wanna Be With You Everywhere began, an excited nervousness filled the air as the anticipation for this precedent-setting gathering began. The festival—organized by Amalle Dublon, Jerron Herman, Carolyn Lazard, Park McArthur, Alice Sheppard and Constantina Zavitsanos in their collective voice—was “to focus on making a space where we could all be together while highlighting disability, art, and aesthetics.” As …

Catinca Tabacaru Gallery + Milk and Night’s “TRANS-Ville” Exhibition

Performances, sometimes NSFW, inviting and exploring transitional states of being

by Ida Therén If you happened to pass by Broome Street last Wednesday and saw a naked woman wag a fur tail in a gallery window then you were in “TRANS-Ville.” The three-part performance series opened to a packed, steaming audience, during an unseasonably warm Manhattan night. “TRANS-Ville” is an art project inspired by vaudeville with short performances, all of which discuss the current state …

Little Scream: Silent Moon

Existing within the crossing of eerie and sultry, the track “Silent Moon” by Little Scream now has a visual companion. The video, starring drag performer Neon Burgundy, emphasizes the ethereal with pool-side lip-syncing sequences. Off of the Montreal-based artist’s 2016 album Cult Following, the song exists almost in a dream and the Kaveh Nabatian-directed portrayal adds to the colorful haze.