Marina Abramović’s First NFT Project, “The Hero 25FPS”

On a new episode of tech entrepreneur Kevin Rose’s podcast, PROOF, Marina Abramović and Pussy Riot founding member, artist and activist Nadya Tolokonnikova discuss endurance and feminist art as well as Abramović’s first NFT project, The Hero 25FPS. Currently available on the digital art platform CIRCA, the project revisits her 2001 film, The Hero, which sees the gallant-looking artist atop a horse with a white flag in commemoration of the artist’s father who fought against Nazis. As a gesture toward a future with uncorrupted artists and thinkers, Abramović edited and divided scenes from the film into hundreds of frames that can be minted as either individual, still frame NFTs or in multiples to creating a moving image. “It is incredible for me how young the kids who are doing blockchain are. We’re talking eight years old; we’re talking 12 years old; 14; 15—this is the future,” the artist says. Listen to the full interview at PROOF.

Image courtesy of CIRCA and the artist