Skagen’s New Signatur Hybrid Smartwatch

Insight behind the design of the affordable brand's latest addition

Since its debut almost 30 years ago, Skagen‘s strength in watch design has been the presentation of minimal pieces that manage to captivate. Affordable pricing and attention to detail in manufacturing also propelled them forward. Recently, however, their hybrid smartwatch category has been a noteworthy development. Holding true to the core values of the brand but adding functionality for the modern watch wearer, these pieces …

Fit and Healthy by Mercedes-Benz

Elevating drivers' physical and emotional wellness

Sponsored by Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz can now enhance the wellbeing of its passengers through a coordinated stimulation of the senses in response to the driver’s state of mind. “Fit & Healthy,” which launches in the very near future, connects to a driver’s Mercedes Me profile, reading their wearable data and adjusting the car’s climate, lighting, seat massagers, entertainment systems and more to help create calmness or stimulation as needed. …

Wearable Tech Gets Emotional

London-based studio Vinaya's minimalist Zenta bracelet goes beyond tracking activity

London-based tech design studio and lab Vinaya wants wearables to make us feel more human and less hamster. For its debut line Altruis, they developed luxe—albeit still bulky—jewelry in iPhone-evoking colors that vibrates different patterns under specific conditions you set: a call from mom, emails from your team, texts from a potential date, a personal alarm, etc. All with the goal to focus on the …