KidFit: A Wearable Activity Tracker for Children

A simple device that turns any daily dose of activity into a game


Wearable technology is increasingly a part of everyday life. From measuring sleep and activity to integrating fully with smartphones via Glass or smartwatches, these gadgets are only set to grow in popularity and sophistication. However, tech accessories for kids are few and far between, and many would argue, rightly so. But LA-based mobile accessories designer X-Doria recently unveiled their purpose-built activity tracker for kids, the KidFit and it appears to offer helpful solutions for families. Though incorporating such self-awareness to a kid’s lifestyle might seem like an unnecessary complexity, the KidFit’s gamification of movement—combined with its simplicity—puts some of these concerns to rest. After all, with childhood obesity rates at historic highs in the US and many middle income countries around the world, incorporating technology is arguably one of the more pragmatic solutions to this global public health issue.

Coupled with a free app and ultra-simple interface, the KidFit is available for pre-order in five kid friendly colors for $50. Pick up the first round of 1,000 slap-band watch style wearables for a discounted price of $40.

Images courtesy of X-Doria