Refresh App

Cull relevant data from contacts, calendars and social media to better prepare you for future meetings

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Though many think Googling someone on the way to an interview is effective enough, a more useful aid in last-second research is Refresh, a new app for iDevices. The app connects to your calendar and contacts, features a notes section for pre- and post-meeting thoughts and—most importantly—aggregates additional information from a range of social media and profile-based sites (like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) to present relevant information on a specific individual at a moment’s notice.

A simple search of a name reveals insights such as recent tweets and travels, previous meetings and communications, topics the subject is interested in, people you have in common, work and school history and more. And if you’re a supporter of push notifications, the app will send a quick dossier just before calendar appointments. All of which will aid in being better prepared—whether you’re getting a surface grasp on a stranger’s social scene or finding useful talking points. File it under productivity, schmoozing, being nice to people and all ’round getting stuff done.

Find the personal assistant-style app in the iTunes store for free, and visit Refresh online for a more in-depth look.

Images courtesy of Refresh