Jawbone UP 24 Data Visualization

Their VP of Data partners with NYC artist Shantell Martin to bring sleep data to life


As noted before, not only is information useful, it’s also beautiful. Recognizing this, the recently appointed VP of Data at sleep and health data tracking device Jawbone, Monica Rogati, has partnered with artist Shantell Martin to utilize all the information they’ve accrued through the brand’s newest, the UP 24. This isn’t Jawbone’s first foray into data visualization, as they’ve released previous findings in collaboration with artist Peter Arkle on their Tumblr. With Martin, however, the focus is on work, play and sleep.

“We are tracking more than a century of sleep every day. We have never been able to see so much,” Rogati explains to CH. “We can see how people are going about their lives. We are learning as much as we can and telling the world about it.” As Jawbone has been building data products, they’ve been taking all data and turning it around to individual users. While the information users see each day is personalized, Rogati’s UPxArt initiate helps individuals understand their data by placing it into global context.


The latest data set Jawbone has released reveals insights from the UP community correlating to lifestyle, geography and travel habits—all tied to sleep. In a way, each tidbit reinforces what we know from conventional wisdom, but placing it into context and allowing real data to support it, the entire community benefits and there are tangible results. According to the data: those who work hard tend to play hard, and sleep less. More specifically, “UP wearers age 18 to 24 go to bed the latest in college towns and active nightlife cities such as College Station, TX, Miami, Orlando and San Antonio.” The value in such information stands as motivational, a tent pole of the UP brand. With awareness, users can adapt or make change. According to Jawbone, these correlations help us learn about our decisions and with such knowledge, we can better our wellness.

For Rogati, this is where creativity comes from and artistic collaborations just made sense. “To be a data scientist you can uncover stories and their patterns. I look for creativity in data and in that sense it is an art. It is being a detective and being exploratory in your work. You follow a lead and realize new things we can uncover. That’s a very creative process.” Martin’s work is an extension of this. In a stream of conscious fashion, she progresses through information in the way we would through dreams.


While the art transforms data into a motivation tool, other elements in the latest product seek to do the same. The new sleep feature, when you meet your goal three days in a row, incentivizes healthy behavior and seeks to encourage further goal-hitting. With Rogati weaving data points into stories, an ever-growing user base contributing invaluable information and programs to make it even more exciting, UP’s data network might be one of their most valuable assets.

Images courtesy of Jawbone