CES 2023: HOLON Brings Electric Autonomous Mobility to the Public

This self-driving vehicle represents a future of more accessible and sustainable mobility

Fully autonomous, self-driving cars are shifting away from a futuristic fantasy and becoming far closer to reality. Though some vehicles already offer an auto-pilot feature in some settings, the driver must still be engaged. At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), HOLON—a new brand from BENTELER Group—unveiled their electric autonomous mover built to automotive standards that not only self-drives, but also democratizes who gets to experience the future of mobility.

Featuring a maximum speed of 60kmph and a range of 290 kilometers, the HOLON mover is intended to meet on-demand services like ride-pooling, as well as scheduled services and the needs of private institutions like campuses, airports and national parks. According to HOLON’s managing director, Marc Kollmeier, the mover is informed and executed with the issues of reality in mind. “Our mover is an answer to social mega-trends: urbanization, climate change, demographics—mobility needs to change,” he shares in a statement. “With our mover, we are proving that emission-free, safe, comfortable and inclusive passenger transportation is possible. And thus providing the answer to traffic problems that are becoming prevalent in cities.”

Modern and boxy yet warm and inviting, the design of the HOLON mover caters to the interests of the public. The vehicle, in this configuration, can fit up to 15 passengers and features a subtle offset seating arrangement offering improved privacy. Its powered double-wing doors, photo-electric sensors and an automatically extending ramp with lowering function make the vehicle accessible while elevating comfort and ease found in mass transportation.

To realize their ambitious plan, HOLON is partnering with established car designers Pininfarina as well as Beep to integrate technologies and Mobileye to develop the self-driving system. The SAE Level 4 mover takes after the Mobileye Drive, the company’s patented autonomous driving commercial system, which combines two camera-powered independent perception sub-systems, radar and LiDAR. The mover’s safety and scaleability will be ensured by a combination of features, including an advanced sensing system informed by redundant sensors, innovative mapping technology and a formal model for driving policy.

The first pilot project will begin in Germany with Hamburger Hochbahn who operates a subway and bus system. Production in the US is slated for the end of 2025.

Images courtesy of HOLON