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Japan’s First Hydrogen Train Begins Its Test Run

Developed by East Japan Railway Co, in partnership with Toyota Motor Corporation and Hitachi Ltd, Japan’s first hydrogen-fueled train is slated to begin trial testing next month—a plan that’s on track to assist the country in achieving its 2050 carbon-neutrality goal. The vehicle, a two-car “hybari” train (which combines the word hybrid with the Japanese word for a lark), can travel up to 140 kilometers at a top speed of 100km/h on a single filling of hydrogen. This is just one of the ways Japan has aimed to make hydrogen a prime, clean energy source. Fuel-cell buses and commercial vehicles are already in use, and Toyota is striving to increase production of their hydrogen-fueled Mirai. Read more about the nation’s quest to be more sustainable and how hydrogen-fueled vehicles can play an integral role at Bloomberg.

Image courtesy of JR East

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