Enclave 5-in-1 iPad Case

A multifunctional and protective system for iPads


Brenthaven is already an industry leader in highly-functional ways to tote your tech, and the recent introduction of their 5-in-1 iPad Case promises total safety for your pad plus, four other functionalities designed to improve user experience.

Once assembled, the case provides two-sided protection using hardshell materials that feel pretty sturdy. Pop the iPad out of the enclosure and it fits nicely into a slot on the back, standing at attention in “viewing stand” mode. When you’re ready to type, fasten the built-in strap to the indented loops on the back of the iPad portion and flip it all over to enter “typing stand” mode.

5in1fromabove.jpg 5in1fromside.jpg

The set also comes with a long strap that can hang around a car headrest (or anywhere) for viewing on the go.The most convenient feature, the “EZ-GRIP,” utilizes the elastic strap on the rear of the case as an extra-secure way to hold the iPad while reading or browsing. Using “EZ-GRIP” definitely offers a firmer, comfortable way to hold the slippery little tablet.

5in1backofseat.jpg 5in1strap.jpg

Made from recycled materials and with a few updated features from the original version, the 5-in-1 system is well on its way to offering a well rounded, super-functional iPad case solution.


Though it’s currently out of stock, it typically sells for $60 from Brenthaven.