Aerial App Provides Resources to Offset Your Carbon Footprint

Scientific articles, lessons and tips to help reduce your impact on the environment

Several organizations monitor the carbon footprint of larger corporations and offer them sizable proposals to offset it—see Climate Neutral, for example. And while the onus for drastic change must remain on the huge industries doing the majority of damage, many individuals want to track their own impact on the environment too. With that in mind, a team of developers and climate change advocates created Aerial, a tool for tracking and offsetting your carbon footprint, and educating yourself on the dangers of sky-high emissions. The useful app—founded by Andreas Homer, Ebby Amir and Ari Sawyers—launches today on the App Store.

Image courtesy of Aerial

The trio created Aerial to focus on user experience and aims to empower us with actionable tasks and educational resources. Within, individuals can report flights and car rides and pledge to offset them with trees planted through verified reforestation projects. To simplify the process of logging flights you can connect Aerial to your email and it will automatically identify booking confirmations and add them. Further, they can see how their footprint stacks up against the average user and learn from scientific articles about ways to improve.

Image courtesy of Aerial

Using the Sustainable Development Goals blueprint as well as partnerships with the American Carbon Registry and Climate Action Reserve, Aerial provides proof of conservation. Thus far, the app’s community—those invited to the beta test—has saved 92 trees and offset over 45,000 kilograms of carbon. (“North American forests offset up to 19% of US carbon emissions,” the Aerial team reports.) Surely, now that the app is available to the public, Aerial’s impact will only grow.

Hero image courtesy of Pixabay