Create beautiful kaleidoscopic images with an iPad app that reinvents the classic toy


Arguably one of the most entertaining iPad apps we’ve come across, the Annamika kaleidoscope provides optic stimulation for inspiration, to cure boredom or as the ultimate stoner pastime. Choose any of ten preset images or one from your iPad’s photo gallery and the program runs them through a psychedelic filter to create a beautifully-digital take on the classic children’s toy.

annamika10.jpg annamika11.jpg

The work of artist Catherine Hubert, the collection of images included with Annamika come from her personal portfolio of designs. Based on the cities for which they’re named, the patterns featuring intricate shapes, lines and patterns (see above).

annamika3.jpg annamika4.jpg

Once you’ve uploaded your image, you can propel the image into a series of swirls and shifts by dragging a finger across the iPad. Pinching the screen zooms into the spiral, while tapping the image twice stops and starts the animation, and a double-tap in the center blacks out the corners for a classic kaleidoscope view.


Another amusing filter allows you to randomly change the color scheme of the image, adding an element of surprise and distorting the image for display on a projector—another nice feature. Compatible with the iPad’s video-out capability, you can project your designs on any screen, which (when combined the animation) provides a great background for dance clubs or your next rave.

Annamika sells from the iTunes store for $5, and will soon be available for the iPhone as well.