Calypso Case

Wrap your mobile phone in fine, seamless Italian leather


Slovenian company Calypso Crystal continues to add a human touch to tech accessories with their new Italian leather Calypso Case. Like their remarkable, hand-polished Crystal Dock, the cases are the work of experienced craftsmen who hand-stretch the leather skin around the titanium frame in order to avoid stitching.

calypso-case6.jpg calypso-case5.jpg

The Calypso speaks to the beauty vs. protection dilemma many iPhone users have with most protective cases. Not only is it arguably as luxurious as the device itself, but its holster-like design allows you to keep the phone secure when not in use, and still show off its glossy exterior when it is.

calypso-case2.jpg calypso-case3.jpg

Handcrafted in four vibrant colorways, the Calypso Case works with the iPhone 4 and 4S. Pick one up at Calypso Crystal online for $119.