Sébastien Tellier: “Ma Calypso” Premiere

A first look at the illustrasted cinemagraph-like music video, off of his Brazilian-inspired album L'Aventura

Always sensual and always grandiose, electronic music veteran Sébastien Tellier recently released his sixth studio album L’Aventura this past July via French independent label Record Makers. As longtime supporters of the artist, we’re happy to host the US premiere of the beautiful video for the track “Ma Calypso.” While other music videos off L’Aventura feature the singer-songwriter (who keeps in the same company as Daft Punk and Air) walking through some exotic locales, “Ma Calypso” is considerably more subdued and introspective.

Essentially an illustrated cinemagraph, the video was created entirely by French visual artist Valentine Reinhardt, who painted all of the album artwork as well. Further building upon his discography of conceptual albums (such as 2004’s Politics and 2008’s Sexuality), Tellier’s recent LP explores the music of Brazil from a wishful outsider’s point of view. Tellier’s strength has always been seamlessly blending live instruments with synthesizers and electronic beats to transport the listener to a delicate suspension between reality and the imagined, and it shines here in the bossa-tinged, dream-like album.

We also recommend revisiting the official remixes of “Aller Vers Le Soleil,” another track off of L’Aventura, by Hercules & Love Affair as well as Tom Furse (keyboardist of the English band The Horrors)

—both of whom transform the track into a groovy downtempo affair. These two tracks will soon be available digitally from Record Makers on 29 September 2014 in an upcoming remix EP.