Crystal Dock

Bringing old-world chic to the iPhone dock

crystal-dock3.jpg crystal-dock4.jpg

Landed on my desk today, the Crystal Dock from Calypso is a handcrafted heavy block of lead crystal glass cut and polished to perfectly fit any iPhone or iTouch. Passing through 15 artisans during its creation, each dock is the upshot of 300 years of European glassworks experience and meticulous standards.

crystal-dock1.jpg crystal-dock2.jpg

The Crystal Dock comes in three patterns—Beau, Celestial and Dune—as well as the Aurora, a limited edition run of 999 pieces. Each has been hand-polished to a stunning degree, displaying both an intense attention to detail and incredible prisms when the light strikes it. The classics sell online from Calypso for $199 and the Aurora for $349.