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A digital notebook that allows you to showcase your creative talents or next big idea


There are a myriad of creative applications for sharing videos, links and music, but few allow you to extend personal projects or ideas. Clibe—a digital sketchbook app that has just soft-launched—allows you to create on an iPad just as you would with paper and pen, and then share the book with friends or add it to Clibe’s public gallery space. Your entire notebook (which can also be kept completely private) lives in the cloud, so you are also able to access it from any computer. When someone shares a book with you all of their changes are reflected in your copy as well making it a living document.

I’ve been using a beta of Clibe for over a month, and I am impressed with the set of tools it offers. You can paint, draw, use text or import photos from an iPad camera, photo library or social networks. There are different paper and pen types as well, allowing for a great creative range. The app can be used for anything from personal doodles to scrapbooking to presentation planning, such as the sketches I created below as part of the preparations for my talk at Future Trends in Miami next month.


One of the benefits of its digital format is its wipe-board capability. I can use Clibe with a group of clients in order to diagram a new idea, and if we decide to modify that, I can erase a portion or start over easily. As developer Roberto Tagliabue points out, you even start a meeting by uploading a client’s UI screenshot, and draw and move things around from there.

The vast potential to share ideas and generate creative flow with Clibe is exciting. The newly-launched app is available for free in iTunes for a limited time.


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