CO Everywhere App

Follow social activitiy in any area around the world with this location-specific service

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At times—even in NYC—it can feel like nothing is happening nearby. To keep you connected CO Everywhere lets users tap into any area, whether you’re physically there or not. The easy-to-navigate app lets you zero in on a specific location—be it a specific building, a city block or an entire neighborhood—and access a live feed of everything happening in the region, from conversations and images from social media to local news, nightlife, and retail and restaurant specials. While the feed in certain areas of Manhattan appears a little like a spam folder (due to the overwhelming brand activity on social) CO Everywhere impresses on a smaller, more particular neighborhood scale.

Use your finger to circle multiple areas of attention and set them as home, office or any label you like. This interactive component gives the social sourcing app a greater degree of accuracy and credibility. Users can connect with (or live vicariously through) neighbors or complete strangers all over the world.

Find more information on the app in the iTunes App Store and directly at CO Everywhere online.