Five Better Bike Racks


The bike rack is one of those urban features woefully in need of a redesign. Thanks to NYC DOT and Cooper-Hewitt, who joined forces in creating the VelibRack.jpg


Patrick Jouin: Velib
The rampant use of bollards fronting government buildings and corporate lobbies suggests a lingering sense of insecurity. Perhaps the city might coordinate a wholesale replacement of these smoke break stools with functional parking systems. While the parking design by
Cyc Bicrac™ by Madrax is likely too stylized for the streets of New York. After all, the competition brief calls for submissions to consider the new bus stop shelters, newsstands and public toilets, all of which are rather restrained. Nevertheless, Cyc Bicrac conveys the pace of the city without sacrificing functionality, two factors to consider when designing a New York rack (above right).


Adrien Rovero
The car shaped bike rack by Horseshoe Rack by Creative Pipe is simplicity at its best. The circular shape clearly alludes to a bicycle wheel, can accommodate two bikes and is sturdy enough to withstand the rigors of New York. This is the kind of functional design the city needs and likes (above right).