Kodak OLED Frame


Boasting superior resolution, contrast ratios and a micro-thin screen (about three millimeters), Kodak's new WiFi-enabled OLED frame is their latest bid to bring Kodak moments into the 21st century. Pioneering much of the research into the field (they in fact invented the technology), Kodak previously has introduced a camera and a portable TV (for Japanese markets) that uses OLEDs, but the frame is a first for Kodak and for the world.

Designed overall to make for a richer look and experience appealing to a more high-end market, the clean lines and black hi-gloss components provide a sleek container for the vivid color and clarity of the 7.6-inch display. With two gigs of memory, the ability to RSS weather, news, sports, Kodak Gallery and Flickr feeds, inputs for SD cards and USB, as well as compatibility across a variety of formats (including mp3, WMA, AVI and mpeg), the device has the guts to put the OLEDs to work. Other perks include built-in speakers engineered for better sound, as well as an audio out, enabling a complete AV experience.

Retailing for $1,000, the frames will be available later this year, in time for the holiday season, from Kodak's online store and other retailers.