NuVision Televisions

Small batch HDTVs from a company subverting the mass-production model


If there’s such a thing as an artisanal television brand, NuVision is it. The makers of high-caliber flatscreens steer clear of mass production, preferring instead to individually source their materials and limit their quantity in favor of maintaining the finest quality. I’ve been testing the Superslim55 for the last few months and have been really impressed with the contrast, color quality and overall visual performance.

Their manufacturing process is akin to that of assembling a hand-crafted watch. NuVision chooses software complementary to the hardware components carefully culled from a variety of high-end suppliers and painstakingly calibrates both grayscale and color using a Tristimulus Colorimeter. Proprietary “videophile” algorithms lead to seamless motion and natural general performance, and an automatically adjusted LCD backlight according to the onscreen imagery lends itself to an incredible sense of depth. Not only do slimmer-than-super-slim profiles allow NuVision televisions to blend neatly into their surroundings, but the recently introduced U Color Service provides users the option of selecting the TV’s bezel color, matchable to any paint, swatch, or shade in the Pantone scale.


NuVision televisions also represent the best in green technology. The use of LED means that their TVs require 40% less power than comparable CCFL models and are both mercury and lead-free, but NuVision takes eco-friendly a step further by using only recyclable materials in their products, removing and recycling the televisions at the end of their life-spans. A two-year in-home warranty guarantees unparalleled service with the purchase of any NuVision HDTV.

The full line of NuVision electronics sell on their site. They are meant to be procured through high-end audio-visual specialists and as such, the set-up can be a little complicated for the sub-technophile, but the picture quality is well worth the effort.