Oxygen in a Can


Oxygen bars are so '90s—did anyone really shell out 20 bucks for mint-flavored oxygen when you could have a breathtaking mojito for less than half that? But the world's most essential element is making a fashionable comeback. This time, in a can.

According to people who know their gas, a drop in the amount of oxygen in the body can result in yawning and sighing. These super-oxygenated concoctions seek to end these vile bodily functions once and for all (and ease hangovers) with a 95% oxygen concentration (compared to 21% in normal air), and an average lifespan of a week per can, if used up to six times a day. Oxygen inside the container is sprayed into a transparent plastic mask which comes attached to the can. The product, named O2 Supli is being tested in select Japanese markets and will make its debut at all 11,000 7-Eleven stores in Japan today, 14 June 2006, with two introductory flavors: grapefruit and, yes, mint.

by Stephan Paschalides