Oxygenated Water’s Benefits

Natural energy boosts and quicker recovery from OXiGEN bottles and shots

Nobody can deny the value of oxygen, but breathing isn’t the only way to get it into our bodies. Drinking oxygenated water offers an easy-to-use way to get a lot of oxygen into your system quickly—great for endurance and recovery. OXiGEN water offers both a standard water bottle or a salinated shot small enough to carry through security or in your workout shorts. Their methodology involves a proprietary O4 molecule—known as ASO (short for Activated Stabilized Oxygen). ASO, invented by an aerospace process control engineer, happens to fall within the FDA guidelines for dietary supplements and importantly is not compressed gas. This means it can stay in the water, stabilized, for up to 24 months. OXiGEN water contains 1,000 parts per million of bio-available oxygen in their 20 fl oz bottles—in contrast to five to 40 in tap water.

A process called sublingual absorption allows the oxygen to be pulled into the capillaries in the mouth. Further oxygen is absorbed by the stomach lining. Tissue benefits directly. These aren’t just claims, but actual scientific processes supported by studies on stabilized oxygen. The benefits to this oxygen intake include clearing lactate, which speeds up recovery after exercising. The brand also states this can be beneficial for hangovers and natural energy. The bottled water is completely tasteless and odorless. The shots, because of the salt, taste a bit like swallowing ocean water and can be startling if you’re not expecting it.

OXiGEN products can be purchased from select retailers. A thirty pack of shots can also be bought on Amazon for $90.

Images courtesy of OXiGEN