Providing a rechargeable, on-the-go power source for most any portable device, Powerstick is a convenient little accessory well-suited for travelers, busy people or anyone who stays out all night and has an iPhone. After a couple of close calls (I admit I may be a little overdependent on my phone/forget to plug it in sometimes), I'm a fan.

The lithium battery charges via USB and reaches full capacity after about 90 minutes, which translates into a hefty jolt (about double your talk time according to their site). A power button switches the Powerstick off or on and an LCD display gauges how much juice is in there. Nine included adaptors cover most mobiles on the market, as well as iPods—you can even use your device while charging it.

We'd love a sleeker form factor, but at about the size of a pack of Hubba-Bubba, it tucks away into a cosmetic bag easy enough. Men sans bags will just have to be a little more responsible.

Though at $70 (available from the Powerstick site) it's a bit steep, we think it's a better (and greener) buy than the non-rechargeable alternatives. Of course you could always chose to go with the crank or solar.

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