New Portable Device Can Turn Saltwater Into Drinking Water

Only 0.5% of Earth’s 326 million trillion gallons of water is safe to drink. To make water more accessible and consumable, researchers at MIT developed a portable device that converts saltwater into drinking water with the touch of a button. The current prototype (which fits into a regular-sized suitcase) requires less power to operate than a cellphone charger, processes one liter of water per hour, charges itself via a solar panel on its exterior and removes the need of a filter by relying on electric fields. The entire device only has three buttons, granting the invention an ease of use that makes it a crucial tool for all types of use, from cargo ships to refugee camps. While the prototype is priced around $4,000 to $6,000 per unit, scientists believe the device can be developed down to around $1,500 and process 10 times the amount of water. Learn more about this life-saving tool at Fast Company.

Image courtesy of Junghyo Yoon/Unsplash