Q Celsius Tires


For those of us in more extreme climates, Q Celsius is an all season, retractable stud tire, that performs well on wet and dry days. Not only have studies shown that using studded tires in dry conditions negatively affect performance, the loud noise of winter tires on bare pavement is irritating and then there's the added inconvenience of having to change them in and out every year.

Making driving both easier and safer, Q tires mean there's no longer a need to swap tires according to the season. When needed, the Celsius uses existing tire pressure to inflate a secondary chamber, pushing studs through the surface for snow and ice, all at the push of a button. If conditions improve, air from the second chamber can be expelled and the studs will be pulled back inside.

Available this time next year, for more info and to see an informational video visit Q Tires.