Celsius X VI II Remontage Papillon

Micro mechanics meets high-tech in a stunningly stylish new mobile phone incorporating a tourbillion watch

CelsiusFront2.jpg CelsiusFull2.jpg

Watchismo has an exclusive look at Celsius X VI II‘s first product, an impressive merging of a mobile phone with a tourbillion watch that integrates a patented rewinding mechanism hidden within its hinge. The upshot of over three years of development and based on complex micromechanics, opening the phone activates the internal device.


Inspired by tourbillion watches—invented in the late 18th century to offset the supposed effects of gravity on accuracy by rotating a full 360º within a cage—Celsius’ love for mechanical triumphs of centuries past permeates the many components of the the Papillon. Made using 547 mechanical components (most of them hand-finished), the new gadget strives for “the dream of a completely mechanical mobile phone: a phone in which every function will operate mechanically, solely through human energy.”


To produce the hybrid, Celsius collaborated with renowned watchmaker Richard Mille and horological design team Confrérie Horlogère. The upshot is a true example of excellence in design, expertly combining mechanical and technological achievements into a gorgeously sleek simple black body.


German-based international watch and jewelry fair BaselWorld will host the launch of this remarkable phone when it’s unveiled next week with a price of $275,000.