Sharps Killer Shave Set


You will be forgiven for anything if you have a clean shave. Late for work? As long as there’s no hair on your face, it’s okay. Murder someone? A clean shave will get your sentence reduced by at least 12 months (unless you're Saddam Hussein).

So given the importance of a clean shave, I highly recommend Sharps’ line of shaving products. One of the better alt-brands out there, they're gaining a solid reputation for working better than those Gillette-like companies, who are evil anyway. Sharps, on the other hand, isn't animal tested, which is comforting since they suggest you contemplate the goat on the bottle while the shaving cream sets in, and for me they add about a day onto the amount of time I can take between shaves.

Go for the Killer Shave Set ($45 from Sharps) or, if you’re feeling splurgey, the Bestseller Box Set ($85). You can also get a nifty new gift package with smaller, travel-friendly bottles ($45) at spots like Bloomingdales.

by Rory Carroll