Harry’s Grooming

Affordability and thoughtfulness in a line from Warby Parker co-founder Jeff Raider


Most men’s grooming products are ornate, futuristic and generally chintzy—the few classic options, on the other hand, are priced out of most men’s reach. So what’s a guy to do? Harry’s is a freshly launched men’s grooming line that’s bringing an enjoyable shave experience to the common man. Helmed by Warby Parker co-founder Jeff Raider, the minimalistic line is an exercise in thoughtfulness.

From the desaturated blue-and-red packaging to the clean lines of the handle, Harry’s seems like a brand that should have come around a long time ago. As Raider explains, even the name “Harry’s” is meant to instill a sense of tradition—something that is further encapsulated in the wooly mammoth logo, representing both an untamed mane and the evolution of grooming. But the product is anything but traditional: Raider and his team teamed up with a number of innovative suppliers in order to bring their dream to life.


Any great shave starts with the blade, so Raider relied on German engineers to create a reliable sequence of blades arranged in a “gothic arch” for closeness. The blade cartridges are flexible, allowing for a “paintbrush effect” while shaving that adjusts to contours as it moves. The handle for Harry’s “Winston” razor is likewise thought out, made from precision-grade aluminum and weighted for easy handling. Hints of peppermint and eucalyptus in the Harry’s shave cream also add to the overall experience.

Designed as a shaving solution for the everyman, a complete shave kit—blades, handle and cream—starts at only $15. Comparing this to the price of blade refills for most major brands, it’s not hard to see what makes Harry’s so unique. Add to this the charity aspect—Harry’s donates one blade or its dollar equivalent for every blade pack sold to likeminded organizations—and the company is on a fast track to changing the way men shave.

Images by James Thorne