V-Moda Vibe Duo


Not everyone has welcoming outer ears to the standard iPhone earbuds. While we haven't found the perfect replacement, the V-Moda VIBE Duos deliver the best combination of functionality, sound and in-the-ear fit.

The VIBE Duos feature the inline mic and button to switch between music and incoming phone calls similar to the Apple iPhone stereo headset. This is a must for smoothly handling unexpected calls while listening to your tunes. It also features noise-isolating (BLISS) technology to reduce ambient noise and enable deep bass, which is great—but the highs maybe slightly lacking for the true audiophiles. Six pairs (S,M,L) of included silicone ear fittings in clear and black make for a customized secure fit.

Available in three colors, the V-Moda VIBE Duos have the all-important iPhone compatible plug and are available from V-Moda Earphones