Voltaic Systems’ Shine Solar

A durable, energy-efficient lamp that doubles as a phone charger

Voltaic Systems made their debut in solar technologies over a decade ago when they introduced the first Solar Backpack—a bag we were impressed with, we announced it before there were any actually in stock. Fortunately, our eagerness allowed them to secure enough pre-orders to fund the first iteration of bags (an impressive feat of internet symbiosis in the pre-Kickstarter era). Since then, they’ve expanded their solar gadgetry to everything from canoe-mounted charging panels to solar panel-laden laptop cases in their quest to keep everyone fully charged.

Adding to their line-up of sun-fueled products is the Shine Solar—an LED lamp that doubles as a charging station for cellphones—and they’ve taken to Kickstarter (where they’ve already reached their goal) to help push it into production. Each Shine Solar is delivered with three 100% waterproof parts: a tablet-sized 3.5W solar panel, a pendant cable and the Shine light itself—which can produce up to 220 lumens. The real beauty behind this set-up is in its simplicity and everyday usability. Mounting it at home can provide an energy efficient desk lamp while taking it along for a camping trip supplies essential lighting at night (up to 30 hours on a full charge) and it can even juice-up your phone when it’s time for lights-out. In addition, Voltaic Systems has partnered with non-profit Fabretto to provide lights to villages in Nicaragua.

Early backers can secure a Shine Solar on Kickstarter for a discounted price of $66, but we suggest going for the $109 “Spread the Love” option, which sends a Shine Solar to a family in need in Nicaragua.

Images courtesy of Voltaic Systems