Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Ive speaks, swimsuits go on safari, a cantilevered yard, and more as we look back at the past week online


1. Outlier Ultralight Summer Pants

Our favorite cycling label Outlier unveiled their ultimate summer trouser for biking the city—a pair of self-cleaning pants comprised of a breezy-yet-tough nylon blend.

2. Harold Edgerton’s High-Speed Photography

Field of Vision brings to light the pioneering photography of Harold “Doc” Edgerton, the inventor of the electronic flash. His high-speed motion pictures froze time, slowing a bullet, milk drop, and nuclear explosion to a stunning crawl.

3. Core77 Speaks With Jonathan Ive

“The best design explicitly acknowledges that you cannot disconnect the form from the material—the material informs the form,” says Jonathan Ive in an interview with Core77 detailing the SVP of Design’s incredible focus on material, precision and process when creating Apple products.

4. Sprout, The Home with an Elevated Yard

Japanese architecture firm Studio Archi Farm solves a space conundrum by building a cantilevered yard off the second floor of a new single-family home.


5. Bold Swimsuits for Summer

Conceived of, directed, styled, and shot by CH alums Keren Richter and James Ryang, Refinery29’s glossy swimsuit spread seizes on tribal pattern trends for a series featuring the latest beach-ready looks.

6. Based World

Of all the Internet hubbub surrounding the controversial and mysterious Bay Area rapper Lil B, we’re prone to Ohwrd’s rant equating the young un’s mindless automatic freestyling with Surrealist Automatism and Marina Abramovic’s recent performance that involved sitting motionless in a white room all day long.

7. Lakeside Living

Just in time for planning an Upper Peninsula getaway, Lakeside Living: Waterfront Houses, Cottages, and Cabins of the Great Lakes.”

8. Shinya Kimura

In a video almost as beautiful as his sleekly pared-down motorbikes, Japanese designer Shinya Kimura shares his inspiration, process and philosophy that goes into building those incredible machines.


9. Truncheon Lighting

For their first series of products created for the new furniture outfit Mattermade, the Brooklyn-based design duo Commonwealth/a> created the ultra-minimal Truncheon task lamps, which include both suspended and freestanding wood-enclosed tubes of rich LED light.

10. Design is History

As part of his thesis project, graduate student Dominic Flask created Design is History, an utterly useful online resource for learning about the art of design. His short-form, carefully researched summaries and important visuals of each revolutionary designer, movement or discipline throughout history make research easy.

11. Snap Liquor

Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction takes a behind-the-scenes look at their new brand of organic liquor called Snap, based on a Pennsylvania Dutch recipe for ginger snaps and inspired by an appreciation for old-fashioned bottling.

12. Zontik Games

On Colorcubic, we discovered Zontik Games. The online purveyor stocks high end board games, as well as an array of classics like Monopoly, chess, and dominoes, each reconstructed with a focus on quality and timeless design.