Midsummer +1

Artisanal leather goods inspired by the Futurist camouflage patterns of WWI ships

midsummerplus1-1.jpg midsummerplus1-2.jpg

Applying a Futurist pattern to an ultra attentive cold-embossing technique, the designers behind the new leather accessories line Midsummer +1 give an old-world Bengali craft new shape. The brilliant leather clutches—produced by a fair trade co-operative in Kolkata, India—follows the lengthy Shantiniketan process where the leather is soaked, stretched, embossed, dried and meticulously handpainted.

midsummerplus1-inspire.jpg midsummerplus1-3.jpg

Their first collection, Dazzle, is inspired by the mesmerizing camouflage painted on warships during WWI originally conceived by maritime artist Norman Wilkinson. Affordable but carefully crafted, the Dazzle clutches and purses sell online from Midsummer +1 as well as online at Luna and Curious, Material and Lali for £14-34.

Images of the bags by Tom Parker